This event would not have come together without the support of many people. Our deepest thanks to…

  • the Canadian Linguistic Association
  • the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • the Office of the President
  • the Office of Advancement
  • the Department of Linguistics
  • the Canadian Language Museum for the exhibit
  • F-Zero
    Sarah Clarke: violin
    Elizabeth Cowper: keyboard
    Derek Denis: sound tech
    Elan Dresher: guitar, harmonica, recorder, accordion
    Daniel Currie Hall: cello, bass
    Christina Kramer: clarinet, recorder
    Jessamyn Schertz: violin
    Michael Szamosi: percussion
  • Jack and Radu for logos old and new
  • the Organizing Committee
  • Mary, Deem, & Jennifer
  • all of our volunteers
    Greg Antono
    Kaz Bamba
    Ibrahim Elrayes
    Ariel Gomes
    Nathan Leung
    Ruth Maddeaux
    Kinza Mahoon
    Kat Meereboer
    Emilia Melara
    Miriam Neuhausen
    Deepam Patel
    Na-Young Ryu
    Sahar Taghipour
    Akio Teruya
    Pocholo Umbal
    Jessica Yeung
  • and all of our presenters